Surgery #2

Well... the time has come. I am having my second laparoscopic surgery tomorrow November 9th. If you aren't aware of what a laparoscopic surgery is "Laparoscopy is the most common procedure used to diagnose and remove mild to moderate endometriosis. Instead of using a large abdominal incision, the surgeon inserts a lighted viewing instrument called a laparoscope through... Continue Reading →


Those Dreaded Exams

That yearly trip to the gynecologist for your annual is a day I personally don't look forward to.  It is important to check on your vaginal health without having to have surgery but got dang it, it hurts! That pain isn't something that just goes away after a while. It tends to get more intense... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ignore Your Symptoms

You are NOT  a hypochondriac. I repeat you are NOT  hypochondriac. If you feel like you genuinely feel pain or you are having difficulties then you really do. I understand that some people google their symptoms and self-diagnose on WebMD which I do NOT recommend. Me personally for example on my Instagram  I asked a young lady... Continue Reading →

It’s more than just…

Endometriosis is much more than bad cramps. It's more than a cycle that can be treated with me Pamprin, Midol, Tylenol, etc. It isn't something that can be fixed and never have to be worried about again. It is so much more than all of that. It is probably more than you can even imagine.... Continue Reading →

Life After Surgery

After officially being diagnosed with endometriosis June 2016 I thought life would get a tad bit easier. I never imagined that two years later I would be balled in debilitating pain just like I was before surgery. I had this idea that with the tissue being fulgurated (burned) away. Well, then I would have been... Continue Reading →

How’s Your Pain From 1-10

How's your pain on a scale from 1-10 10 being the highest? That is generally the #1 thing a doctor or nurse will ask you. I know I cannot be the only person that is getting a tad bit annoyed with this question. What does this scale really define anyway? Is the doctor going to... Continue Reading →

10 Months Later Update

Not having a cycle for 10 months was something I expected to be a good thing.  Me thinking continuous birth control was going to be helpful was not the best. I was hoping that I would have an easier time functioning and be able to live my best life. Well, I made the decision to have a... Continue Reading →

Is My Pain Not Believable?

Soooo I saw a video on Twitter that upset me. I had been hearing for years that it is true. I did not want to believe it but in all honesty from personal experiences I do. I have gone to doctors because of chronic pain that pain medication does not fix. One told me I... Continue Reading →

Useless ER

The ER is a WASTE of time! It shouldn't be like that but it is. Now I haven't been to every emergency room so I am not speaking on all of them just the ones I have been to. I once went to the emergency room at about 11:30pm. It was full and a good... Continue Reading →

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