10 Months Later

I have been on continuous birth control for the past 10 months. This is the longest I had ever gone without a cycle. My gynecologist thought it would be a good idea for me not to have a cycle and see if my overall pain decreased or went away. Well... it didn't. I was still... Continue Reading →


Menopause at 19 Years Old

Imagine being 19 years old and hearing the words, menopause, and hysterectomy. I heard these words before I even knew I had endometriosis… When I heard them, my world stopped and I felt a sudden sense of worry. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to do. I was terrified. The next... Continue Reading →

My Medicine Journey

When you tell a doctor that you are in a great deal of pain the first thing they tend to do is give you pain medication. When I was 15 years old I went to my pediatrician telling her how bad my cramps had gotten. She looked at me with sorrow being that she had... Continue Reading →

Lurpon Depot Shot…

The Lupron Depot shot is used for many different reasons. For Endometriosis, however, it is used to put women into medical menopause to give them relief from the pain. You can get a shot that lasts for one month or one that lasts for 3 months. It is recommended that you do not use it... Continue Reading →

My Laparoscopy​ Experience

After being on the Lupron Depot shot for 3 months and having the worst pain I could ever imagine. After experiencing that I called my previous gynecologist and told her I was not happy with the end result and that I want the diagnostic laparoscopy surgery. I gave her an ultimatum and said if she... Continue Reading →

The Honest Truth…

I am right now sitting here in pain ready to just burst into tears… I do not know what to do….. I do not know what to think… I do not know what to feel… I cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am 21 years old and in this much pain. I... Continue Reading →

Sliding Under the Radar

Many people have never heard about Endometriosis. Many couldn’t even tell you what it is. Many cannot pronounce a simple word. With so many people having it there are common signs all doctors should know. Unfortunately, it is not. Endometriosis requires a particular skill to find. It can be different colors and in odd places.... Continue Reading →

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