5 Tips For Transitioning To Natural

Transitioning to natural is no longer getting any chemicals such as a relaxer put onto your hair to straighten it or alter the texture of your hair.

1. Learn your hair type and porosity. As you grow your hair out pay close attention to what the none processed hair looks like. Is it curly, wavy, kinky, or coiled? Is there any heat damage that is not allowing your texture to shine? Do an ample amount of research on what you see. When you get to a point where you are mostly natural, take a piece of hair and place it into some water.

2. Do not put a lot of heat onto your hair. Do not use a lot to prevent heat damage to the newly grown hair that has not had any chemical exposure. Starting to get into an excellent regimen will allow your natural curl to form naturally and it won’t take as much to define your curls. It will make it easier to train new growth.

3.Find what works for YOU. I cannot express that enough. Just because you see a youtuber that has you same curl pattern does not mean your style will come out the same. Can you use the same products yea sure BUT that doesn’t mean your twist it will look identical. Just like with other things what works for one will not work for all. Your genetic makeup has a lot to do with it as well.

4. Don’t Become a Product Junkie. I know it may be hard because everything will look shiny and new. A youtuber you find and like will make you want to try everything they do, but soon you’ll find a collection of products in the corner. Natural hair products are not cheap. Let’s be honest; it is rare to find a company that sales more than 8oz for a decent price. Trial and error will happen as your hair evolves. Just be mindful and pay attention so product and money won’t be wasted.

5. Start a natural hair regimen. The quicker you get into a routine, the easier it will be to get through a wash day. Your curls will thank you and so will your hands and arms. If you appreciate and learn your hair from the beginning by the third year after your big chop wash day will be a breeze. Learn to love your hair at its many stages and will be others natural hair goals.

Bonus Tip! Shampoo is meant to strip your hair of all its oils. As a natural, you do NOT want that. You need the moisture to stay in your hair. My hair personally does not like shampoo, so I co-wash. Simply meaning that conditioner is used to cleanse my hair. When there is a good amount of build up sulfate free shampoo is applied to that area. If you use a lot of product, I would suggest finding a shampoo that works for you.


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