Rice Water for Fast Hair Growth

I took apart in the 30 day Rice Water Challenge. Well sort of. I have low porosity Type 3b/3C hair. I tried the rice water twice, and my hair rejected it. I am not sure why but I know that it was the cause. My hair was breaking off, dry, brittle and just dull. Usually, I could wear my twist outs for a week take them down and then wear it for another week. Well after using the water my hair was barely lasting two days. Don’t get me wrong going onto my hair it felt amazing but when it dried it was terrible.

I started off by washing off my white rice. I then measured out a cup of rice and a cup and a half of water. I added the rice to a mason jar and then added the water. Rice Water smells horrific, so I added in 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. I closed it up and shook it up. I let it ferment for 24-48 hours. When I was ready, I put it into a spray bottle. It was applied all over my hair and the desired areas.

I wasn’t using the rice water for length. I was using it to help out the struggle areas that I have.

This is my hair after using the rice water twice.

After having issues with my impetigo, different medications, stress and being on the lupron depot shot my hair in those areas just started to come right on out. No matter what has been put on it, it hasn’t grown back.

Rice water may very well work for you. I had high hopes, but my hair had other plans. Each individual person is different and so is hair. If you want to have fast hair growth, I say go for it!

I am currently trying a new way to grow my hair in the two places. I will share that experience soon.

Have you tried rice water? Let me know your experiences below!

Videos of My Experience

My first week using rice water.

How To Make Rice Water.

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