Naptural85’s Melanin Haircare Twist Elongating Style Cream Review

I was beyond excited when Naptural85 aka Whitney White announced she was coming out with her own natural hair line. I have been watching her for years, and I’ve always admired her hair. I recently went back and watched her very first videos, and it reminded me that anything is possible with time.

First things first I love the cream. It is elongating, moisturizing and flat out amazing! Whitney did her thing with this cream. I can imagine using any other cream after falling in love with these products.

Let’s start with the packaging. It’s sleek and clean. The price of the product is $16.99 for 16.1 fl oz. Shipping was $10. It is well worth it. The price point is acceptable being most companies charge $16+ oz for 8 oz. The jar comes filled to the very top. The super thick consistency is fantastic. It melts on your hair like butter. It can be used for a twist out or a wash and go. I am just over all in love with this cream honestly.

Want to know my full thoughts on the product and to see the results it gave me? Check out the video below.


2 thoughts on “Naptural85’s Melanin Haircare Twist Elongating Style Cream Review

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  1. Your results are beautiful! I just ordered her cream and oil the other night (and I threw in her headwrap so I wouldn’t have to pay $10 for shipping) so I’m excited to finally try it because I’ve heard amazing things about it and everyone’s results are bomb!!


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