5 Ways to Manage Endometriosis Naturally

Endometriosis can cause you to stop in your tracks or to become bedridden because of debilitating pain. Some things are beyond our control, but there are some ways to make those flare-ups a little easier.


CBD has been a part of my self-care journey. I use a Hemp salve, CBD bath products, and a CBD pen. I can tell the difference with each product.

For the salve apply it directly on the problem areas and then cover it with a heating pad. A heating pad is used for pain relief. Adding the salve underneath is useful in getting a deep penetration of relief.

Bath products such as bath bombs make soaking worthwhile. The essential oils used in them along with the CBD creates a fantastic smell that helps to soothe your problems.

A pen is essentially a vape. The difference is CBD isn’t causing you any harm. It is the internal use of the three. The other two are just topical. Sometimes taking something in internally can help more for some than others.


A chiropractor informed me that you should not apply heat to an area that is already inflamed. However, most don’t think about that and use it anyway. Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease. If the choice to still use it is there use a heating pad for 20 mins on and off for 20 mins. Portable heating agents are also available. Heating pads honestly help with pain for most of us. The thought of not using it is odd.

Tens Machines

When you are sent to physical, physiotherapy or pelvic floor therapy a tens machine is usually used. They can also be purchased and used at home. They give those excellent massages at home. They can tend to loosen up muscles in problem areas. The different settings can help with different areas. Applying ice or heat while using it makes the relaxation better.

Essential Oils

dOTERRA essential oils are 100% all natural and can be ingested. Lavender and Peppermint oils have many positive effects on chronic illness symptoms and the side effects of medication. Applying, diffusing or ingesting it daily can have positive results during a flare and make them more manageable.

Learning Your Triggers

Endo Belly is something we all hate! The pain caused is ridiculous. Certain things are environmental as well as topical that cause this to happen. A flare-up is also a source. Learning what foods or products trigger these flares are imperative. Keep a food diary as well as a pain diary to learn what to avoid.


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