How to Love Your Natural Hair at Any Stage or Length

Every woman has natural hair goals. When we see beautiful juicy curls, we just get the heart eyes instantly. If we see a big puff or nice juicy afro, we fall in love. Long luscious curls are amazing BUT let your hair at each stage be its own goals.

The one fantastic thing about being natural is you have more freedom with your hair. You can go outside in the rain and not have to worry about having just gotten a new relaxer because your hair reverted. You could rely on it being curly when you take it out of that protective style if your hair also receives tender, love and care.

How to be your own goals at each stage.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having natural hair goals that are represented by someone else. I have had them myself and know how it can be. I also sometimes let it discourage me when my hair just was not growing fast enough for me. I wanted to wear these styles I saw people with my hair type wearing and just couldn’t do them. That lead me to love my hair and be my own goals at every stage.

Short Hair/ TWA Length

I don’t believe I ever had a true TWA (Tiny Winne Afro), but I did have some seriously short hair. It may not have been super short to others, but for my usual it was. I know seeing these women with big poofs can make you not want to wear your but honey look if you define your curls really well and get your regimen down it won’t even matter. The length of your hair isn’t essential the popping curls is what it. Finger coils, strand by strand TLC or a proper styling product can put you through the door to a popping short style!

Medium Length

This is the stage where most women are like yessssss I finally can wear a puff or ponytail. For some, it still may not be long enough, and that is okay. Having medium length hair gives you more room to figure out what you like best. That can be twist outs, braid outs, flat twist, wash, and go’s, etc. For some like myself, my shrinkage is so real! My wash and go’s look like I have a hat on top of my head. I grew to love my twist outs. You can get creative and think of cute ways to twist it or braid it up. Adding in a little hair is okay too if that is what you choose for brands.

Waist Length

Some may look at this and say, honey, this is not waist length when in reality it is. Shrinkage = healthy natural hair. If you don’t have shrinkage, please share your secrets in the comments, please! I can only imagine the styles that can be done at this point. I am almost there, but I have a few more inches to go. The elongated twist 😍 oh my.

Love Your Hair for What It Is

No matter what stage, length, color, the texture you have love your hair and take great care of it. If you can’t take care of it when it is in the transitioning or the TWA stage, it will be much harder to manage in the medium and waist length stages. Your hair has to be trained. Just putting water on it and going about your day is not how it works. Natural hair takes time and patience. It isn’t something you can just rush and do. The longer and thicker it gets the easier it gets. That is only AFTER it has been trained and taken great care of.

Enjoy your journey, appreciate the growth, appreciate the changes it makes and love you and your hair. It takes time but the more you wear it when it is short, the more you’ll appreciate the journey πŸ’•.


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