Who is Naturally Marshea Now

Before when I sat down and wrote who I was, I was in pain, I was hurt, I wasn’t feeling like myself, and I wasn’t speaking on the real me. The original Who is Naturally Marshea was written while I was not in the proper place to write it honestly. That is a part of my endometriosis struggles. Now I am a funny, outgoing, natural haired emotional person.

The New & Improved Me

Today Naturally Marshea is a 22-year-old who has a passion for writing. She enjoys hearing the testimonials people leave on her blog or when they share things on Facebook and Instagram. If you had initially asked if she liked writing she would have said NO! The fantastic friends she made in college, and the encouraging people around her encouraged her and wouldn’t let her not write lol.

In school, she had to write blog posts but did not think it would become something she actually enjoyed doing. She loves being a possible inspiration and a voice for someone who doesn’t know how to express how they feel.

Sharing her natural hair journey tips and tricks is also a delight. It’s fun for her and the responses she gets warms her heart every time.

Thank You

Thank You to everyone who has followed my journey thus far. I am forever grateful and can’t wait to create more content for you πŸ’•.

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