How Natural Hair Helped Me to Gain Confidence

Confidence con·fi·dence /ˈkänfədəns/noun A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

One of the most significant issues with the process of transitioning to natural is how you would be perceived. Noone just sits online and says oh lets see what I look like with much less hair before it is cut. Sometimes it is on impulse decision making and it can’t be undone.

I didn’t know what my hair was going to look like let alone what I would look like. I used to be asked all the time when my hair was relaxed why it was being clipped. My ends used to be TERRIBLE. They always got cut. Back then I never paid attention to how thick my new growth was compared to once my roots were relaxed.

Once I started having to take all these different medications and health issues occured my hair was starting to come out I was done and had enough. Two of my amazing cousins had been natural for a long time. They encouraged me to take that leap and I said you know what

“I would rather have short healthy hair than long damaged hair.” 

I still wasn’t ready to take that big chop leap. I was ready to let that dead weight grow out but cutting it…

Eventually, I got there of course… It took a little less than a year but I got there lol.

My big chop was the best thing that could have happened to my confidence. I used to hide behind my hair, and that is what made me-me. Well, when my long tresses were taken from me, I had to start loving myself for Marshea.

On August 22, 2019, will be my 3rd year big chop anniversary. When I say, my confidence is now on a whole nother level!

What Cutting My Hair Helped With

  • I had to stop hiding behind something that was no longer there. My hair couldn’t hide the acne, tears, pain or side eye anymore. I had to embrace everything that came with me and realize people no longer see my hair first. It is my eyes, smile, outfit.
  • I grew as my hair grew. I did not realize it until recently. I know you may be like isn’t that backward? Nope! We grew together. I stepped outside of my comfort zone with the chop and then I started Naturally Marshea.
  • They say when I woman cuts her hair her life is about to change. That statement is 1000% true. If I did not make that decision to transition, I would not have had so many amazing people supporting me, and NaturallyMarshea would not be a thing. Maybe something with endometriosis but I would still be in a box.
  • You learn patience. I had ZERO patience and wanted quick results. That didn’t happen, and I had to accept that. In the beginning, I kept doing length checks. Once I stopped, I could actually appreciate the growth I did have. There is NOTHING wrong with wearing protective styles until you reach your desired length. Just make sure you are taking care of YOUR hair underneath!
  • Last but not least I could appreciate my hair at any length. There were only two times out of my journey that I didn’t see my curls. I missed them instantly and was so happy when I could just feel the softness. I did not appreciate my relaxed her as much as I do my natural tresses.

Don’t Give Up!

ALL natural hair is beautiful no matter how loose, or tight the curls are & no matter what stage you’re in. YOU’RE gorgeous regardless. Your confidence may take a hit when you have people in your ear saying “you need to perm that, your hair looks a mess.” Do not listen I had people say “Keep cutting your hair it would grow anymore.” You know what I say to them now LOOK AT ME NOW Okkkkuurrtt! 😌

I was walking around looking like who did it and what for a good minute but look at me now. If I had listened to other people, I probably would be so mad at myself. I mean look at that growth, honey! Even my smile is bigger and more realistic. CHOP THAT HAIR HONEY & ROCK IT! Unless you don’t want to and that is perfectly okay. 💕🥰.


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