Review: doTERRA Essential​ Oils

doTERRA is a pure 100% all natural oil company. I was introduced to them by another endometriosis warrior Megan. After talking to her for a while and wanting to try natural ways of gaining back my life I got the AromaTouch Diffused Kit

As a Christmas gift. This was purchased and not gifted by the compan. This post is not sponsored, and all thoughts are my own.

The AromaTouch Kit includes:
 (5 mL bottles) of doTERRA BalanceLavenderMelaleucadoTERRA On GuardAromaTouchDeep BlueWild OrangePeppermint 

Other Products: Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz), Petal Diffuser, The doTERRA Essentials Booklet

The total cost with shipping was $168.42. It is a tad bit on the expensive side, but I can say it was well worth it. The 15 mL bottles include 250 drops of oil. The 5 mL bottles include 85.

I started diffusing as soon as I got my kit! I started off with the Lavender and Peppermint oils. I added two drops of each into my petal diffuser. I can say from my honest truth after five minutes I could feel myself getting calming and my fibromyalgia pain decreasing. I know it sounds crazy, but I promise it works! I also use this as my combo to get a good night sleep.

My favorite combonations are

Lavender & Peppermint

Wild Orange & Peppermint

Lavender & Wild Orange

Deep Blue & On Guard

The others oils are diffuse on their own.

Another thing I love about doTERRA is the fact that the oils can be used aromatically, topically, internally, and some are neat and do not have to be diluted with the fractured coconut oil. If you click on the link to each oil in the kit, it will tell you what you can do with them as well as give you a presentation view of what benefits each oils has.

I also ordered two oils outside of my kit. Lemon and Copaiba oil. I also got Veggie Capsules to take some oils internally. The Lip Balm is the bomb okay!

Individual Oil Uses & Reviews

Aroma Touch – It is supposed to be used as a message blend. Let me tell you it will relax you like you just had a deep tissue massage.

Balance – It does just what the name says balance you. It is serene and smells fantastic. I have only diffused balance.

Copaiba – I put it into my veggie capsules.

Deep Blue – Oh how I adore this oil. Applying it to tense muscles and feeling them start to relax is the most fantastic feeling. I don’t really diffuse it I mostly use it in the rollerball. Relaxation at it’s finest.

Fractured Coconut Oil – I mixed this with lavender and in another deepblue rollerball . The primary purpose of the oil is to dilute the oils for topical use.

Lavender – I diffuse it and use it topically in a rollerball mixed with fractured coconut oil. For me, it helps me to be cool calm and collected. I roll it onto the bottom of my feet at night as well as diffuse it while I sleep. I highly recommend anyone who has insomnia to give it a try. I had it for about three months and on my first night of diffusing it, I slept well through the night. I also added it to a mixer of cornstarch, water and other oils to clear up my cold sore quickly.

Lemon – 🙌🏽 using this oil to clean was the best thing ever. It got rid of everything so quickly. It even helps with the ridding of ants. The smell reminds me of cutting into a fresh lemon. Adding it into hot water is like a refreshing lemon water.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – If you need to dry out a cold sore this is your best friend! I legit got rid of mine in a day in a half when it usually takes 3 to 5 days. This was one of the main ingredients in my cold sore mix. If you need to get your scalp clean, you can add it to your wash day routine.

On Guard – Soothing, relaxing, gentle, just all around amazing. I love to diffuse it just for the smell. It helps to relive my tention headaches.

Peppermint – This oil is my absolute favorite. Not only do I diffuse it but I also heat up water and add two drops. If your nose is stopped up or you need an energy boost, I suggest a glass of peppermint water! It is so pure that it will open your nose better than Vicks vapor rub. Diffusing it gives you energy and helps to jump-start your day. I added this to my cold sore mixer as well. If you need to get rid of spiders or ants this oil is the key!

Spa lip balm – Both flavors make my lips beyond moisturized. I have an issue with dry lips but that issue is no more!

Wild Orange – Believe it or not, it smells JUST like an orange. It tastes just like one as well. The smell it gives off as it is diffused is pleasant. Mixing it with hot water is just as excellent as the peppermint water. I’ve actually combined the two in water. I used it as a household cleaner as well. It was mixed with white vinegar and water.

Veggie Caps – EXCELLENT 🙌🏽. I love adding oils to them and taking them. It is so easy to open. Consuming it is a breeze.

Over all doTERRA is well worth the prices. I love everything about the company. You collect points that can be used towards products I got my lemon and copaiba oils free merely because of the points I received for ordering the kits!

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