Daith Migraine Piercing

The daith piercing is an acupuncture point that is thought to be an area of relief for migraines.

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical, but my migraines were the absolute worst. I listened to testimonials and talked to people who I knew personally that have it. I had a headache so bad one day at the doctor that the lights had to be cut off in the room. I had the option of botox injections in my scalp but who wants to do that?

July 8,2017 I took that leap of faith and got the piercing. When I went to the tattoo shop Trilogy, I had a migraine. As soon as the needle entered my ear, I had instant relief. I wanted to cry tears of joy. Before I walked into the place to get it done the sun was making the headache worse. When I walked out, I felt like a brand new person with no issues at all.

Over the almost two years I’ve had it I haven’t had a single migarine. Whenever I am asked if it really works my first response is YES! Even when I first got it, that was my response. I have also been asked if it was just for fashion lol. It is cute I can’t lie about that.


  • Instant relief from those horrid headaches.
  • It’s not very noticeable.
  • It’s fashionable.
  • You can function better.
  • The earrings are so cute!
  • It doesn’t hurt to get.
  • There are clear earring options for surgical/procedure purposes.
  • It doesn’t matter what side you get it on.


  • You can’t change it out for three months.
  • The starting earring is big, and it is hard to wear earphones.
  • You cannot sleep on the side you get it on.
  • The healing process hurts just a tad.
  • When you have a procedure it has to be taken out.
  • It does not work for everyone.

In my decision making to get my daith pierced I also saw a good number of people say it did not help them. I am grateful I was not on of those people. Thankfully it can be used as a cute piercing, but that isn’t good for someone seeking relief. I have to be honest it may not work. It doesn’t matter what side you get it on. Some people get it in both ears. For anyone reading this who is considering getting it I pray it works for you!

Any questions on my experience or any questions at all? Let’s chat in the comments!

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