The Benefits of Co-Washing Natural Hair

Co-Washing short for “conditioner-only washing.”  Using conditioner or a conditioner-like cream-based product to cleanse the hair, as an alternative to shampoo.

If your hair is anything like mine shampoo dries your hair out. No matter how you moisturize it. I had a fantastic wash and go which is hard for me to achieve due to shrinkage. I was sampling a shampoo from Pinchme, and it messed up the entire thing 🙄. It is a common thing to hear that only way to really clean your hair is with shampoo. Wellllll I don’t believe that because once I stopped using shampoo all of my dandruff was gone.

When I was getting relaxers, and up until I stopped using shampoo, I had dandruff like crazy. Anytime I would scratch it would look like snow falling. It was flat out a mess. This all prompted me to go shampoo free. However IF the conditioner doesn’t clean my scalp enough shampoo is applied ONLY to the problem area.

How to Co-Wash

You co-wash your hair just like you would shampoo it. Wet your hair and apply whatever size amount is adequate for your hair. If what you use has enough slip you can use this time to detangle as well. Being that conditioner isn’t generally used to cleanse your hair you should massage your scalp. Not only does it lift the dirt but it gets the blood flowing and your hair growing.

What I Use

These products are used interchangeably. The leading brand that is used is TRESemme. It has been used on my hair longer than the Trader Joe’s brand has. My hair loves these particular conditioners the most. I’ve tried co-washes but they don’t always get the job done. TRESemme makes my curls pop from the first application. My ends are even moisturized like a curl cream was put on them.

Trader Joe’s will have your scalp tingling just like the name says. I can feel it lifting the dirt off of my hair lol. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true.

Do you have any questions about co-washing? Let’s chat in the comments!


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