Five Major Keys to Healthy Hair

A vital factor in the growth and health of your natural hair is a regimen. Having a routine that can be switched up after some time will help to train your hair to hold moisture and curl. When I first started to go natural, I was not aware of this information right off the back. In the beginning, my hair required itself to be washed every three days. As time progressed, it started to hold, a curl as well as moisture. The method I use is easy to follow. What works for MY hair may not work for everyone’s hair.

Step One: Co-wash


These are the three products that are mainly used to co-wash my hair. They all have a fantastic slip and do not require much to detangle your hair. I have been using TRESemmé products for years. In August of 2018 is when the Tea Tree Tingle was introduced. When my hair was being shampooed, they were being used as a conditioner only. For either use it is fantastic. The Tea Tree Tingle gives your scalp that clean feeling. I don’t miss shampoo with any of these products. My scalp gets clean and I do not have to deal with the dry hair after. 

When you are using a shampoo or co-washing massage your scalp 💆‍♀️🏾. This will allow the blood to flow to your scalp and help with growth. This is done to my hair with every wash. It is also helpful in bringing up product buildup. Once you feel the tingle on your scalp, you will know you are doing it right.

Step Two: Deep Condition


I looovveee Maui Moisture! This product is a staple in my life. The price is something that drew me to the product initially. It is about $8 at Walgreens. If you have thick hair, you may want to pick up two. When it is being used as a deep conditioner, I will either sit under the dryer for 15 minutes or walk around and do what I need for 20 to 30 minutes. While doing so my hair is twisted in four sections, and I have on a shower cap. My hair feels like butter after it is washed out! 

The African Pride  Heat Activated Masque is everything! I LOVE it too. My hair feels silky and soft after it is rinsed out. The one thing about this masque is you have to sit under the dryer to get the full effects of the product.  The entire line was only $5.49 at my local beauty supply store. I am obsessed with this deep conditioner just as much as I am with the Maui. 

Step Three: Styling


Is this product the same? YES. It is the same as the deep conditioner however it is also a leave-in conditioner. That is another reason I am in love with this product. The styling process has four steps.

Step one is the L in the LOC method leave-in conditioner. Start by sectioning your hair into maybe 4 to 8 plaits. When you are ready to apply the product take down one and apply a generous amount. Do NOT put your hair back up leave it down. When using this product make sure a little extra has been applied the ends of your hair. The ends are the oldest and need the most TLC.

The Maui as a Leave-in is just as magical as it is a deep conditioner. My curls are popping after my hair drys and is taken down from whichever style. My hair is always super soft after this product is applied. 

African Pride though I LOVE it too. The way my hair soaks this product up is fantastic. My hair just feels strong and manageable with it. Both products are great honestly. 

Step two of this is O for oil. I use black castor oil.

Disclaimer! Not everyone can use heavy oil. My hair is very thick and requires one. A light oil does not allow my hair to hold it. On that same section, you just applied the leave-in to add the oil of your choice on top of that.

Step three C for cream.


In this case, it is butter and cream. My hair works better with butter, but some companies such as African Pride has a fantastic cream that my hair loves. Pay attention to how your hair turns out with either or. With that same section, you started on adding the cream or butter. Brush the part to make sure each strand has been coated with product.

As you can see I equally love Maui and African Pride. Both the cream from one line and the butter from the other does my curls good. Using them as in the third step of my regimen is so important to me. That last product that is applied can set the tone for how that twist out or braid out will look. The defining cream is the perfect name for it. 

Step four is to repeat steps one through three on each section ☺️.

I want to remind you this is what works for MY hair. Each person’s hair is different. You have to try different things and see how well it works for you. Once you find what that is stick to it. Your curls will thank you for it ❤️.

Do you have any questions about my process? Let me know in the comments and let’s chat.

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