Natural Hair Tips

Heyyyyy Curlies! Disclaimer before I even start: I am NOT a natural hair expert at all. I am just sharing the tips that have helped me on my journey. I have been recently getting questions on how I am getting my hair to grow so fast. I honestly don’t know how to properly answer that question. July 11, 2015. I started to transition to natural on August 25,2015 and then big chopped from that August 22, 2016. I did not start from the bare minimum at all. I want to make that clear. I transitioned. My hair was cut into a bob October 2015 and then cut again and again from there. I didn’t start all the way over though. Now on to these fun tips ☺️

Be Patient! – I cannot stress that enough. Don’t constantly stand in the mirror trying to see how much your hair has grown. It takes time. Despite popular belief, it took my hair time to get where it is now. I used to be that person trying to see how much it had grown until my mom told me and I realized that I am not going to see the results quickly. You have to just enjoy the journey. Document it. Take pictures. That is honestly the best way to keep up with your progress. 

No Shampoo! At the beginning of my journey, my hair was shampooed. It was always dry and it could not hold a style at all. My hair was having to be washed every three days because it would be so dry. Now I can have my twist or braids in for a week or two. When I take them down my hair last another week after that. This doesn’t apply to everyone! Some people have to use shampoo especially because of build up. But, if you see that your hair gets dry quickly it is probably the shampoo. 

Deep Condition! Keeping your hair moisturized is so important. Find that deep conditioner that helps to lock in that moisture. If you do opt to shampoo that makes it even more important. Don’t let all that hard work of washing go to waste! Locking in that hard work and to keep your hair detangled this step is important. 

No Heat! In the very beginning in my transitioning stage heat was applied to my hair. It was mostly during the winter. That did not last very long. It had been blowdried twice in 2017 but that was it! The occasional heat is okay but if you are doing it every other week, once a month, etc then you won’t see a huge difference. 

Learn to Love Your Hair! You can’t keep hiding from it. No matter how many sew-ins, wigs, braids or whatever you do you will still have to deal with YOUR hair on YOUR head eventually. You can do all of that to help it grow but if you don’t know how to take care of it when it needs the most TLC all of that will be for nothing. Constantly blowing it out for it to be braided down isn’t going to help your curl pattern grow in quick. I am not saying to never do protective styles but don’t ALWAYS do them. Your hair has to breathe. It has to be trained. My hair was nowhere near ready for a twist out but with persitentce and training it learned how to curl and hold the desired style. 

Have a Good Regimine! Learn your hair. Listen to your hair.  What makes it dry? What keeps it moisturized? Do you do LOC? How often does it need to be washed? What are your ends telling you? Set a schedule for what your hair needs. Wear your twist more than two days or overnight. Find what works for YOUR hair. 

When You Find Something That Works Keep It! Having those staple products is so important. Maui Mouister is a true staple. I can try any other product brand but best believe Maui is somewhere close. It is perfectly fine to try new things but do not neglect things that work. Pay attention to what ingredients work for you and which don’t.

Remember That Everyone Had To Start From Somewhere! I get asked “What do you do/use to make your hair grow so fast? What’s your regimen? What products do you use?” Time and Patience. I had to start from the bottom too. My journey wasn’t easy at all. I was impatient at first but I had to realize the people who I was looking at now came from their then. 

LOC Method! Leave-In, Oil & Cream/Butter. In that order. Your leave in conditioner needs to have slip and to lock in all of that water. The oil seals the cuticles and traps that moisture in. The Cream/Butter gets those curls on point okkuurtt. 

As far as the oil that you use pay attention to how your hair reacts to it. I thought my hair was responding well to coconut oil until I realized it wasn’t sealing in the moisture at all. It works for most women but not all. Certain hair types take certain oils better. 

Co-Wash! What is co-washing you might ask? Well, it is washing your hair with conditioner. For some of us, curlies shampoo straight up strips out the hair of all of its natural oils. For me personally, that is the case. Now if you have product buildup then yes shampoo it but if not wash that hair with conditioner! Moisture Moisture Moisture! 

Over time these are some tips and tricks that I have personally used. All of these different factors were learned at different times. I had to learn to love my hair and to be proud of my progress. I wanted to hide from it sometimes until it was all beautiful and curly like the Youtubers. Loving your hair from the start is key. Take care of it under those braids, wigs, and sew-ins. 

Here is my latest lenght check from this past week! 

Do you have any questions about my journey? What tip helped you the most? Do you have any extra advice? Let’s chat in the comments! 


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