Oh No, ​You Didn’t!

If you read my last blog post you’ll know that I got sick either at the hospital or leaving in the cold to go home from surgery.  I do not have a regular Primary Care Physician. I would usually go to the Little Clinic at Kroger or the Wellness Center at Walgreens. However being that my sinus tachycardia has been acting up recently and I didn’t want to not see a doctor.  So there is one PCP in particular that I would rather go to another state for a doctor to see than him. Welllll I didn’t have a choice on this day. If I wanted to be seen the same day that was my only option. Let’s have a little backstory as to why he is my last resort for treatment…

Back Story 

Sooooo I had not been to him since October 2016 why you ask because he is the WORST! My gynecologist put me onto Lyrica because I also have fibromyalgia. This man tells me, and I quote “The only way you get fibromyalgia is if you have been sexually assaulted or physically abused.” I was appalled! Why would ANY medical professional say that? That is beyond inappropriate. I apologize to any women out there who have experienced these things on his behalf and to the women and men who have fibro. He is and forever will be dead wrong for that.

Another instance took place where I had a swollen lymph node. He paid no attention to it and said I need a physiatric evaluation. I could have snapped that day. I never returned after that until a week ago… 

Last Week

 Like I said before I went to the doctor the Tuesday after my surgery. I get into my room for the visit. Let me say this I absolutely love his nurse. She is amazing! She was concerned and was trying to do everything she could to help me. He comes in asking why I was there and why I had surgery. We tell him why and he says “you don’t get a sore throat from endometriosis surgery” that was strike one. That is OBVIOUS! Yes, I had a breathing tube but still. I had a fever blister/cold sore at that time. It appeared two days after surgery which is the main way I knew I was sick. So he stands in front of me and says “well I can tell you what’s wrong with you right now by looking at you. What are the three signs of strep throat?” Of course, I said no… He then turns around and says “Are you a doctor? Are you a nurse? That was strike two. Don’t you think if I was either I would NOT be here like for real?

He says that he bets my throat looks like what is on my lip so he does the thing where the doctor checks your throat with the stick. He says I have an ulcer and he better check for strep throat. The nurse hadn’t checked my temperature yet so he requested that. She did it and I had a low grade fever. The doctor had left the room and the nurse did my test. She does it leaves out and says it will take 5 minutes. The doctor comes back in and says “oh she did the test without me” ughh yea I didn’t know you had to be in here 🙄.  He looks at my medications that are lined up on the counter. He picks up my pain bottle and says “This is the cause of the opioid epidemic & they gave you 30 pills.” well yea I just had three different areas cut and instruments put into them my God. He then says well if you do take it this is how you do it. He proceeded to open my pill bottle (He did NOT have on gloves nor did he wash his hands) he pours one into his hands. Yalllll this man says you see this line he breaks the pill in half… it drops on the floor. This man says take half and take an Advil with it.. yallll yalllll y’all! He picks it up off the floor and puts it back into the pill bottle and puts the top on upside down 🤢. I almost lost it omg. This was me 

Well I wanted it to be 😂. That was strike three okay! I was disgusted and wanted to scream at him! I understand you don’t like pain medication but you want to put pills that was on the floor well over 10 seconds back in my bottle are you serious dude? Then you didn’t even put it on properly either. 

You would think that’s the end right? NOPE! He leaves back out and my nurse comes back. I told her what happen and she was flabbergasted. We talk for a second and he comes back saying the strep test came back negative. Now my symptoms were a heavy deep cough, a runny nose, headache, chest pain, and a low-grade fever along with the fever blister. When I say my cough was terrible I mean it sounded like I was choking.

He did not check for a single thing else. No flu no nothing.  He then tells me he is going to give me antibiotics for my cough but he doesn’t think it will help. Then why the heck are you giving it to me and not figuring out what the problem is? 🤦🏾‍♀️ I swear he aggravates me. So way back when I was having pain from my fibromyalgia and endometriosis he told me it would be like a needle in a haystack figuring out what is wrong with me. With that being said he looks at my medications again and says this is this and says well I’m not going to comment on these other ones. On top of that he asked me why they were given to me like bruh how did you forget that fast? 

He picks up a paper from the last time I was there. I was 20 years old THEN I am 22 now. He starts to read it, but he stopped. He was looking to see what medication he gave me last time. He turns around and says you’re only 20 you don’t need a physical first of all I am 22.. secondly, you are NEVER touching me nor seeing me again.

I do NOT play about my health, I do NOT take disrespect and smart mouths from doctors. I stopped going to him two years ago for a reason and won’t be back EVER again. I will be going to a new PCP as soon as possible to avoid having to ever go back. 

Please don’t allow doctors, nurses or anyone for that matter to be rude and disrespectful to you. Advocate for yourself and stand up for yourself. 

Have you had a rude doctor? Let’s talk in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Oh No, ​You Didn’t!

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  1. I can only imagine how annoyed you were with that rude as doctor. He isn’t genuine, comforting or compassionate. He didn’t show no regard to the things you were saying, he had it made up in his mind what was wrong with you smh. I’m so glad his nurse was at least nicer to you! ❤️

    I wouldn’t say I had a rude doctor, but I did have an OB doctor when I was pregnant with my son, who didn’t seem passionate about her job. Her energy was just off, which I decided to stop seeing after that visit.

    Hopefully you find an amazing PCP soon, and won’t ever have to worry about seeing him ever again.


    1. It’s so hard finding doctors who genuinely care & that are concerned with your health. I know one of my favorite YouTubers had a natural birth at home because she didn’t feel comfortable just like you didn’t. No one should have to deal with nor go through that. I am glad you found an alternative doctor.

      Thank you so much. I have already looked up potential PCPs and their ratings. I am hopeful that you never have to experience another like that again.

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