Week 1 Recovery Update

The Results 

I had my second laparoscopic surgery to check on the status of my Endometriosis and the placement of my organs November 9, 2018. So today that makes me one week and four days post op. On November 19 I went for my first post op appointment. Surprisingly at this appointment he did not check on my incisions. According to my gynecologist, he biopsied a great deal of tissue and the pathology report reported endometriosis of course. It was discovered that I have it in 2016. He also found a small amount of scar tissue attaching my intestines to my pelvic side wall. Prior to surgery, I knew that something was off because of the pulling feeling I was getting from the top of my belly button to the bottom of my abdomen. However, this did not explain why I am having so much pain coming from my uterus and why it is tender. 

He gave me two options. I can either a. try medications I already have at a higher dose or b. try Orilissa. If you have seen the commercials for the endo study that is what Orilissa is. According to the websiteORILISSA is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor antagonist indicated for the management of endometriosis with associated moderate to severe pain.” I cannot tell you exactly what that medication does. It has not been on the market for 6 months. It was approved August 2018. My insurance company and most others will not approve the coverage of the medication without pre-authorization due to it not being out long. There is not much information out about it. My doctor assured me what it will not affect me the same way the that the Lupron Depot Shot did.  What I can tell you is both medications are a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor antagonists.  

The Recovery Process

When I woke up from surgery the first thing I remember saying is I need to use the restroom. I couldn’t in the bedpan the nurse gave me of course. When it was time for me to be wheeled back to my room I had nurses on either side of me.  I said to them both that it feels like I just started my cycle. For me to feel that way shows that my pain tolerance is nonexistent. The nurses asked me what’s your pain on a scale from one to ten. I responded 20. I was then ordered pain medication. Before you are allowed to leave the hospital you have to be able to use the restroom on your own. It took me a while but I finally did. I did not receive any discharge papers btw. 

I was out of it and loopy when I got home of course. The next day was a struggle. I was falling asleep sitting up. I had family over checking on me and I fell asleep multiple times lol. One positive thing that came out of this is that my insomnia was gone for about 5 days. Unfortunately, I developed a cold and had to go to the doctor on the following Tuesday. Recovering and having a cold is NOT fun at all. I have three incisions. I forget about one of them because the last time I only had two. Having on clothes is not something I currently like because it irritates me and makes my incisions itch along with the surgical glue. 

This past week and four days I have been weak, hurting at my incisions, waking up with a bad headache and nauseous for the past three days. Using the restroom causes irritation where my muscles are trying to recover. It took me four days to have a bowel movement. They still aren’t back to normal. Actually… Once I started my antibiotics I had an issue with it I’m guessing. I was laying down watching Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and out of complete nowhere, I felt a release. Being that I had gas pumped into my stomach I thought I had to pass gas was I sadly mistaken. I ran to the restroom and this strange liquid had come about. I was terrified and in pain for at least 3 days after that.  Overall my recovery has been rough, to be honest. I am not someone who likes to take pain medication. The feeling it gives me isn’t the easiest to deal with and function with everyone else. I think it is the main reason I was sleep all the time as well. Aunt Flow should be paying me a visit tomorrow so this will be very interesting being that I have been having my typical pre-cycle symptoms despite being on the pain medication. 

Everyday I have been up walking around, I’ve left the house, and I’ve been trying to be active so I won’t fall asleep. This blog honestly took so long because my ability to focus was none existent. I am working on working around my stomach pain from my muscles healing. I am active on my Instagram and try to post updates daily. 

Have you ever heard of Orilissa? What do you know about it? 


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