Those Dreaded Exams

That yearly trip to the gynecologist for your annual is a day I personally don’t look forward to.  It is important to check on your vaginal health without having to have surgery but got dang it, it hurts! That pain isn’t something that just goes away after a while. It tends to get more intense as the day goes on. I know it is necessary but it is something I dread having to do it being that it is something that will require me to rest the rest of the day.

Every woman is requested/required to get it. For some women, it is a simple go in and leave and be able to run a mile. For women with chronic illnesses that affect the reproductive system any type of exam in that region is painful! I’ve talked to many women with that same issue. Some have endometriosis, PCOS, or a retroverted uterus. For me personally, my main issue is the end of the exams. It makes me very nauseous and my ovary goes crazy! It is something that keeps me from having to get cut open for continuous biopsies granted but got dang it I don’t like it.

Hopefully, at some point, doctors will realize some of us require numbing medication lol. I know that defeats the purpose partially but some women have to get these exams more than once a year. The different experiences can become quite interesting. For me, I find reading other women’s journies with chronic illnesses interesting because it gives me a different perspective on a condition I have. The differences aren’t always drastic and that is what makes it interesting. One woman could have stage 4 endometriosis and get an exam pain free. Me having stage two or three and I am screaming in pain.

It is something that I don’t understand but tend to want to learn about more. With that being said share your story in the comments. What is your experience like? Is it horrific? okay? not too bad? Let’s chat in the comments!


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