Don’t Ignore Your Symptoms

You are NOT  a hypochondriac. I repeat you are NOT  hypochondriac. If you feel like you genuinely feel pain or you are having difficulties then you really do. I understand that some people google their symptoms and self-diagnose on WebMD which I do NOT recommend. Me personally for example on my Instagram  I asked a young lady what her particular condition is because it is something I’ve never heard of and don’t I like asking Google because one it doesn’t always provide facts two because hearing from someone who is actually going through it can tell you better than Google. I will take a personal story and real-life example over google. That’s just me though.

When I first heard “you could possibly have endometriosis” I joined multiple Facebook groups and asked multiple questions about my symptoms. I am aware that not everyone is aware of what the potential issue could be. Googling your symptoms is okay at points but don’t become obsessed with self-diagnosing yourself okay? Talk to your doctor about what you see on google. Don’t walk in the office and say “I know I have PCOS/Endometriosis/Fibromyalgia.” Say something like I have been having (name particular symptoms and severity) these issues for this long and I think I may have this what do you think?

Let’s be real doctors don’t always get it right. I am living proof of that. SO with that being said do NOT ignore your symptoms. I’ll say that again do NOT ignore your symptoms! Even if you opt to google your symptoms and really attempt to self-diagnosis make sure you pay attention to every single detail of every single symptom. At the beginning of my journey, I was told it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack with how broad my description of everything was. Doctors don’t take us seriously let’s be real about that.

Give them something that will make them go oh you’re very serious right now. Oh, so you aren’t just here for pain medication. Make them pay attention. Speak Up! Make sure your voice is heard! Make the doctor listen. Before I have written down a day in the life with my symptoms and read it to my doctor. He couldn’t do anything but listen and it was the most respect I’ve felt. If you are unaware of what it possibly is start by trying that. Write down how your day is affected and how different your life is compared to before. Actually remembering times and detailed feelings can set your symptoms apart and possibly lead to that help you need.

Your pain or other difficulties are REAL. Pay attention to them. Don’t ignore them. Keep fighting until you are heard.

What do you think about writing down your day to day symptoms? Have you done that or something similar? Let’s talk in the comments!


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