Are You Okay?

Is are you okay the question we really need to be asking? Let’s talk about this. When someone asks you the question are you okay what is the first thing you think about? Is it physical, mental, emotional? Do they all hold the same weight? Maybe we should be asking how are you mentally? How are you physically? How are you emotionally?

Each of these components consists of different things. If you were to ask me how are you physically I would say I am struggling physically. If I was asked the same question about how I am mentally I would say that it’s a battle between being positive and negative. The positives outweigh the negatives of course. I am alive and breathing, I still have people in my life that mean a great deal and care, God is still on my side, I was able to accomplish my goals even though it wasn’t the easiest process. I have many things to be grateful for you know what I mean?

Everyone has their battles. You have to remember everyone just has a different tolerance level and a different way of expressing how they feel. Some people aren’t able to express how they feel easily. It took me a while to be truly open and honest about everything in my life. It is still aspects of my life that I keep private. It can take people a while to actually express how he/she feels about something. Even in relationships that being family, a significant other, or friendship sometimes the other can’t easily express how they are feeling about something. Sometimes it is easier to walk away and come back to it. Sometimes that isn’t even easy to express that’s just how he or she copes.

The next time you want to approach someone and ask how they are doing keep in mind that everyone takes that question differently.  How would you have liked to be asked? What approach would be better for you? Just think about those things the next time you feel like something is bothering someone or when you are checking in.

Speaking of checking in I always say this and others do too check on your strong friends too. Someone can be viewed as strong and having it together because he/she is smiling. I promise that is not always the case. I have had friends that I never would have guessed was going through something at the time tell me things that made me say wow. Don’t neglect to ask someone these questions just because of a smile and positive post.

How do you feel about these questions? Let’s talk down in the comments 💛


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