It’s more than just…

Endometriosis is much more than bad cramps. It’s more than a cycle that can be treated with me Pamprin, Midol, Tylenol, etc. It isn’t something that can be fixed and never have to be worried about again. It is so much more than all of that. It is probably more than you can even imagine. It is something that often misdiagnosed or looked over. Something that doesn’t show up in blood work, MRIs, cat scans, x-rays, etc unless it is a severe case. The only true way is through laparoscopic surgery that doesn’t always help.


It is a condition that runs off the estrogen in women’s bodies and its own estrogen it produces. The biggest issue is that most of the doctors who “treat” it are misinformed about it and do not know how to do so properly. Some have told women to have children and it will get better or to have a hysterectomy welllll those are NOT fixes. Endometriosis is more than a cycle. It’s more than missing class and being out of energy. It is debilitating, energy snatching, strength taking, mentally altering, and just plain evil. The bandaids of birth control and surgery are only temporary and can be painful or harmful.

It is hard to explain or even break down what it does to someone. It is so much that I don’t know if I would even touch on it all. Imagine trying to have a baby and having all of these hopes and dreams of being a mom… just to potentially have them taken away. Endometriosis does that it snatched that chance or ability from people. Women have children and when she is ready for more she can’t have one because the endo showed up and stopped that.

Imagine having some of your organs from your abdomen and pelvis stuck together, out of place or even frozen. Yes, I said FROZEN.  A frozen pelvis is possible. When all of your organs are fused together and it will take so much to detach them from each other. Some women don’t even have a choice and have to have a hysterectomy. Guess what though… it can and most times will come back still. Having something spread throughout your body and you suffering in pure agony from it.

Being a college student with it was one of the hardest things I have ever endured. Keep in mind I was also going through menopause for three months really four at the same time. Studying and forgetting everything I just read, taking a test or quiz and not even being able to tell you the last question on it, being called stupid dumb and being told I don’t like to think by someone who was saying and doing that to the entire class. I am not the only person that has this issue. Lossing your hair is something I experienced but not on a massive scale but there are women who do. Lossing chunks and sections when she combs or brushes her hair.

It is so much that it is… It is so much that I don’t even know how to start to break down and speak on. It is hard. It is debilitating and it is life-altering. Be mindful of what you say and how you treat someone with a chronic illness of any kind.

What has your experience been? What did you take from this? Let’s have a conversation in the comments.


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