Life After Surgery

After officially being diagnosed with endometriosis June 2016 I thought life would get a tad bit easier. I never imagined that two years later I would be balled in debilitating pain just like I was before surgery. I had this idea that with the tissue being fulgurated (burned) away. Well, then I would have been like at least it is gone. I now would say honey burning something that is already inflamed isn’t smart. There isn’t a large number of doctors that actually know how to excise the lesions. Digging and cutting them out is more effective being it is being taken out from the root. I talked to the doctor (a fertility doctor by the way) about cutting it out but I was so anxious to see what was going on with my body I settled. Should I have done that absolutely not.


Hearing that you have a chronic condition that has no cure is hard enough but being told that surgery is the most effective way to treat it did not help either. My life after just one surgery is hard so just imagine how it’ll be each time. Having to be given ten different narcotics after surgery should have let me know that it is not going to give me the relief I was hoping for. One particular Facebook group I used to be in is run by someone who compiled her own list of “nook” doctors. These doctors are the ones who are supposed to be the only doctors you ever think about going to. Welllll not everyone has those resources hence why I was sent to a fertility doctor.

Anywho it is over two years later and I am back where I started it seems. My first cycle post-op was horrendous. I had blood clots, heavy bleeding, terrible cramps and I missed so much school that I lost my scholarship. I was told that it takes about three months to see a change. Welp that change never came for me. Birth control and pain medication became my life again. That only last for so long you know? I tried the gluten free thing, I was walking around campus and up and down stairs daily so that was my exercise, I was eating and drinking fluids all that was no help.

Fast forward to August 18,2018 I started juicing. For the first couple of days, I didn’t eat anything all of my meals were homemade juice. I planned to do it for 30 days. Well, it’s two months later and I made the move to store-bought juice. Cold pressed with simple ingredients. I’m thinking okay let’s do this mannnnnn I had my first cycle after ten months and felt like my pelvis was being eaten by a shark. Oh, I forgot to mention I had stopped all meat too but that only lasted two weeks chicken is a weakness of mine.

My daily pain is in full effect. My second cycle is about to happen and I am feeling every single effect of it. I am having flashbacks from before I had my diagnostic lap. This time though it is different. It’s more intense. I know that because I threw up and I’ve never thrown up from being in pain until now. I’ve had a consistent headache for three weeks, my pelvis feels as though twelve two-ton boulders is sitting on it, my chest hurts because of my tachycardia, my back just flat out doesn’t like me honestly,  I haven’t been eating and my fibromyalgia isn’t making it any better.

Simply put life after surgery for me personally has not been easy. Things that I thought would get better didn’t. Two years later things are worse than they were in my opinion. I am mentally preparing myself to ask for my second surgery. My battle scars are still here and they are a constant reminder of the organs that had to be moved back and everything to come.


What has your life been like post-op? What improvements did you see if any?


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