10 Months Later Update

Not having a cycle for 10 months was something I expected to be a good thing.  Me thinking continuous birth control was going to be helpful was not the best. I was hoping that I would have an easier time functioning and be able to live my best life. Well, I made the decision to have a cycle because I was feeling a pressure that was unpleasant and painful. At first, things were okay and I was able to still do things and not be dog tired at the end of the day. That took a turn for the worst…

As some may know I HATE pain medication with a passion. It affects my mental state more than it does my pain. I get drowsy, annoyed, a feeling of intoxication, and no pain relief. The only positive is it helps me sleep. I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep at night. I have been up to about 4am some nights because I am shaking in pain or just having bad insomnia. I have had to take it to even be able to function. It has been days where I could not get out of my bed. Keep in mind all of this is AFTER my cycle. I am being reminded of how my life was before my first laparoscopic surgery. It was rough and the amount of stress was no help.

I have made the decision to have another lap. Simply because I feel the same things I felt when my organs were out of place. It sucks that it is the main source of treatment. Surgery isn’t fun and it isn’t something anyone wants to have to get to know for sure what is going on in his/her body. Scans and ultrasounds aren’t effective. A biopsy is important and this stuff spreads like wildfire almost. I used that reference because it is inflamed tissue.

This would be my second surgery following my first diagnostic laparoscopy. I am scared and afraid because I cannot see the proper doctor that knows how to effectively treat endometriosis.

What has your experience with birth control, surgery and any other treatment for endo been like? Did continuous birth control hurt or help you?


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