Is My Pain Not Believable?

Soooo I saw a video on Twitter that upset me. I had been hearing for years that it is true. I did not want to believe it but in all honesty from personal experiences I do. I have gone to doctors because of chronic pain that pain medication does not fix. One told me I need a psychiatric evaluation, an antidepressant will help, etc. My voice as far as pain isn’t heard in my opinion. When I first started going to the gynecologist prediagnosis my symptoms and pain were getting worse and worse. All I kept being given was birth control and pain medication. I was later given a drug that put me into menopause at 19.

I read over my medical reports from that time and you know what they said my pain was “moderate” never once did I describe it that way. If that was the case I wouldn’t have been there so much. She was a woman who looks like me but treated me like I was a child who was exaggerating sometimes. Now I can’t say she NEVER took me seriously because it was times when she did.

The video I saw is of a doctor outright saying that doctors take women of color pain less serious which is why our death rate during birth is higher. That stood out to me in more ways than one. That is, in fact, something that shouldn’t be happening. Yes we are resilient yes we are queens and warriors but that does not mean our pain isn’t real. I have never been pregnant nor went through childbirth so that part wasn’t what I felt the most. Him saying my pain isn’t taken seriously like I’ve heard for years is where my issue is.

Take a look at the video and tell me how it makes you feel? Do you feel as though it is true? Do you disagree? Let me know in the comments.






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