Useless ER

The ER is a WASTE of time! It shouldn’t be like that but it is. Now I haven’t been to every emergency room so I am not speaking on all of them just the ones I have been to. I once went to the emergency room at about 11:30pm. It was full and a good number of people. However, people that I got there before went back and left before me. I was there because I was in a ridiculous amount of pain and it felt as though my pelvis was about to burst. It was me and another young lady miserable in the waiting room. The entire ER got cleared out and the young lady’s mom was frustrated and asking when we would be seen.

Wellll I got so frustrated I walked out of the ER doors. Ya’ll I didn’t get seen until I kid you not about 3am. It should NOT have taken that long. It shouldn’t have taken me and the woman to be frustrated to be seen. Oh, and BTW on that trip, they gave me Tylenol 3 … what am I supposed to do with that? If you read my pain medication blog you’ll understand why I said that.

Yes, there is an order the ER goes by I know it. I heard what people said their issues were and yea I’ll leave it at that. Another experience was when I went in for pain and left with an antidepressant prescription. I guess the answers to her questions made her think it’ll help so I won’t be “depressed” from the pain. It happens that is a real thing but dang it I was NOT there for that!

I don’t like going to the emergency room. I honestly don’t they take the same blood test, urine sample, ultrasound, or CT scan. With endometriosis, it won’t be detected on any scan unless it is severe. Even then the surgery is the only way to get a final diagnosis. I had been many times before my diagnosis. The staff doesn’t take my pain seriously to me. They look at me as if I come in there just to get pain medicine. NEWSFLASH I don’t even like pain medicine.

I recently saw a video on Twitter that made me stop and say hmmm maybe this is why. Find out my thoughts on it in my next blog post!


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