Who is NaturallyMarshea

Who is Naturally Marshea…

She is a 22-year old that has no idea what she is doing. She writes this blog in hopes that it will help someone and it is honestly a public diary. After her surgery, her mom told her that she has a purpose. At first, she didn’t listen and was in college feeling lost and alone. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. No idea why she was an advertising major nor why she was even there honestly. Along the way, she met some amazing people who became some of her best friends.

At 19 she was going through something that messed with her memory. Short-term memory is non-existent sometimes. She feels like she shouldn’t tell her story sometimes because she feels like a burden. She doesn’t want to annoy or bother anyone with her problems. Everyone deals with things and goes through things in life. No one has a perfect life. Life isn’t meant to be perfect right?

NaturallyMarshea will get in her own head and forget that there are people who care. She shuts them out or says things she doesn’t really mean. She has support for sure but doesn’t know how to accept that sometimes. Marshea’s an emotional person who wanders through life and comes out with these crazy thoughts. She even says and does things that she shouldn’t..ย she apologizes but she can’t help it sometimes it just comes out…

She needs to learn that she isn’t alone, people don’t see her as a burden and that her life has a real meaning. I know some people may read this and say what on earth is she talking about. There may be some people out there that understand exactly what she means.

Mentally I am not the same person I was. I don’t think nor move the same. I try to remember that people are dealing with battles much bigger than mine. I should not whine and complain about what I am dealing with. However what I also remember is my pain may not be as bad as others sufferings but it is still important. Mentally I’m not okay and I feel myself slipping into a depression I can’t get out of… I think it is time I see a therapist.


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