Pain Medication…

Is pain medication really worth the side effects you have to endure? For eight years I have been taking pain medication. In the very beginning, I was taking Advil, Tylenol, Pamprin, Motrin, etc. I was taking it so much that I had to take two or three to go to school during high school. Eventually, they stopped working for me altogether. This was before I knew of my endometriosis & fibromyalgia.

NSAIDS and Narcotics became the things I had to take to make it through the rest of high school and eventually the first two years of college. Well, that did not last long. The trips to the ER became useless because they were giving me the medication I had at home. One nurse told me that the Tylenol three he was about to give me was going to make me go to sleep. I laughed at him and so no it isn’t. Guess what… It didn’t! At this time I was a good 115 lbs so he thought it would knock me out.

Well, June 2016 I had my laparoscopic surgery which officially diagnosed me with Endometriosis. After surgery, they require you to use the restroom and have a decent pain level. Of course, it won’t be painless because some of my organs had to be moved around. When I say I had to be given ten different narcotics after surgery and still went home in pain! The doctor said my pain tolerance is extremely low.

The side effects I’ve experienced from pain medication made me NOT take it. For a very long time, I would NOT take it no matter how much pain I was in. I was at school or out and about with the fakest smile and acting as though everything was fine. Welllll that did not last too much longer as college went on. I was in my capstone class that I needed to graduate and boy oh boy how bad was that idea.

By this time I was taking Percocet because I was still having a cycle at this particular time. Yallllll I swear I was zoned out! Still having pain, loopy, I felt drunk, diarrhea and constipation too. (Yes I know TMI),I was not able to pay attention, very sleepy. I was dozing off in class. That is NOT okay!


Mentally I was out of it! I was not myself. I was mean, aggressive, annoyed easily, & rude. I just wasn’t having it with anything. School was stressing me out like noones business! Wellll a number one endo and fibro trigger is stress. That’s right guys. STRESS! I had my first cycle in ten months last week. I faught hard not to take pain meds but ughhhh ya girl had to because urh um I couldn’t handel it.


I just wanted it to stop. I have a hate hate relationship with pain medication of any kind. It isn’t helpful to me. It did nothing but make me stay up late and be exhausted the next day. I can’t even love what it does for me because honestly it doesn’t do anything.

What is your experience with pain medication like? Let me know down below.

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