My Natural Hair Journey

Oh, how I love my curls for the girls honey! I am so happy with my decision to go natural 3 years ago! July 11,2015 was the very last relaxer I ever received.

I decided to let the creamy crack go because I was starting to see my hair thinning. All my life I’ve had thick hair. Yea I know everyone says that but it’s true for me lol. The older I got and the more medication I was on I could tell changes in my hair.

Soooo ya girl said


I was not having it. I had multiple people in my family that had been natural for years. After I had my crochet braids taken down I used Cantu and other products to start my journey.



I noticed then that my hair was short and thin at the top and in the front right area of my head. My hair naturally grows fast so I am blessed it didn’t take too long to grow back after I went chemical free.

In the beginning, my hair was still being straightened to hide the fact my hair was transitioning. I even asked my mom to cut it into the bob I had been begging her for.



She did it and kept cutting from there. We both went natural and transitioned until August 21, 2016. Then we BIG CHOPPED!


After that, no more heat was put onto our hair (for me it was only blowdried twice once for a wedding and once for the lemonade braids)

Now that my hair has gone through changes and many different products I’ve learned it will honestly curl up and pop with any products. My staples are Maui Maui Products from the Vanilla Bean and Shea Butter lines.

At the beginning of our journey my mom would shampoo our hair as time went on we realized that was drying out our hair and it wasn’t doing us any good. Now our hair isn’t shampooed at all! It has made a major difference and our styles last much longer.

A lot of my hairstyles and our resources have come from watching YouTubers. My main go to people are Naptual85, Jae Majett, Takara Onea , JewJew Bee & Jakeai.B for styles and product reviews.

I am deeply in love with my curls and don’t plan to go back to the creamy crack 😍



What is your natural hair or transition to a curly story? Let me know in the comments!




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