6 Things Not To Say To People With Endo.

  1. You must be feeling better? Just because we are having one good day doesn’t mean we are “better”. Someday’s are better than others and we can actually move around and function. When we are having good days we tend to overwork ourselves without knowing and end up right where we started.
  2. Why don’t you just get a hysterectomy? A hysterectomy doesn’t fix anything. Getting the reproductive organs removed doesn’t stop growth. There is zero evidence that it will stop it. I personally know many women that it didn’t. Estrogen doesn’t just go away.
  3. I have bad cramps too. Let me tell you something real quick ENDOMETRIOSIS IS NOT JUST BAD CRAMPS! It’s wayyyy more than just that. Are you in bed almost every day of your cycle? Are you bent over and in tears most of the day? Does Tylenol help the pain? If Tylenol helps you that is great. Does it help me? Nope, no pain medication does no matter how strong. I am not discrediting a single person’s cramps but don’t just call it “bad cramps.”
  4. Exercise, Take Pain Pills, Take Birth Control… I SWEAR what works for one person does not work for every single person. People tolerate things differently. It does more harm than good to some.
  5. Are you pregnant? Man look! First things first Endometriosis can cause infertility. Secondly NO it is called Endo Belly. We get bloated, we have flare-ups, our stomachs stretch. We deal with it all the time. Eating better helps to a certain degree.
  6. Change your diet. Me personally I cut out red meat and I haven’t had chicken recently but guess what I am still having the same problems. There is no difference. Endo doesn’t care.

PS. Do not take offense to a single thing that was said. These are just things us women and men talk about that we do not like being asked or told. Everyone fights their own battles but discrediting ours is not the way to go.


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