College and Endometriosis Part 2

My my my. It’s an amazing feeling writing the words I have one day of college classes left. It was a long and hard journey as I said in College and Endometriosis. These past two semesters have been by far the hardest of my entire college career. I know I’ve probably said it many times before about other semesters or classes. However health-wise this one took the cake lol.

Looking back on my college years I can say I am proud of myself. I wanted to give up many times but I didn’t. I was mentally over it and physically done. Others might say well there are people who go through worse and that is very much so true. But for me personally, I am proud of my journey because I know every detail of every trial and tribulation.

I am here to let any young man or woman know that your illness does not define you in any way. Yes, there are days and times where you want to give up and just be and exist. I’ve been there. I’ve been that person. Look at me now not only finishing college but on time.

I’ve heard many stories from different women with Endo who didn’t finish or had to stop. I am grateful and appreciative that they told me how proud they are of me because it is a hard thing to do. Not everyone will understand why you are so happy with those common little things. As long as you know your truth and your journey you are justified.

I write about my journey to let young women and even men know that it is okay to speak up about what you are dealing with. It is past time to say hey yes there are people who go through worse but I go through things too. Noone’s journey should be compared to another. Everyone is different. Each person has his or her own journey and path. Your life is your life. No one will understand it more than you.


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