College & Endometriosis

Going to a highly demanding institution while having endometriosis is hard to be 100% honest. There is no need for me to sugar coat anything or to tell a story about it. I am currently a senior at a university and I am projected to graduate in May of this year. It was a long hard road to get here.

You can accomplish the goal of graduating in four years while dealing with endo. There at ways to make sure you can safely do so for your own personal illnesses and pain.

June of 2016 I had my first and only diagnostic laparoscopic surgery. This was in the middle of me being in school I might add. Yes, I was on summer break but the recovery time can be from three to six months. Guess what happened to me during the following semester? I lost an important scholarship because my recovery was not as smooth as one would expect. Did I let that stop me….. Almost.

I’m not writing this to make anyone feel like it will be extremely difficult. I am writing it, to be honest. There is no need for someone like me to go in listening to “people with regular cramps and pain.” That may sound harsh but it is true. People who do not have a chronic illness revolving around their reproductive system or body, in general, can only guess what we deal with.

There are people out there who deal with worse granted but we still deal with our own pain too. Life is not made easy for us. It takes a lot for me to even have professors that understand.

Stress comes with college period. Exams, school work, projects you name it. If you did not know stress can cause a flare up at any moment. These flare-ups can occur during class and what are you going to do just leave? It is not always that simple. I pushed myself for these four years and made it through hardships and hard times.

Going to college while battling Endometriosis can be done. My case may not be nearly as severe as others. For me personally, I got the job done and pushed through it. Yes I pay for it sometimes and my stress level is high but it helps me to not like it overcome me.

My advice to any woman or anyone out there with any condition is to listen to your body, pay attention to when you are doing too much, rest, and make sure you are comfortable. I would also say talk to your professors and let them know what is going on. This is an amazing opportunity to educate someone new. Do not let your pain define you. Be yourself as much as possible and conquer any level of education the best way you can.


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