Dear Doctors….

Dear Doctors,
I need to vent about a few things a few of you put me through. Some of you that I encountered made me feel many different types of ways. Some crazy, angry, sad, alone and helpless. At the beginning of my journey to a diagnosis, I had one primary doctor. This was my amazing pediatrician. Of course, she could not help me with the pain I was having, it was not her field to do so.

Dear Former Gynecologist,
The things I wish I could say to you… I cannot call you a horrible person… however, I do not agree with some of your practices. I wish I ever allowed you to talk me into getting that lupron shot. I wish you had done some more investigating too. I started seeing you when I was 14 or 15 years old you did not say the words endometriosis until I was 19. You told me if it was endo or not you would give me that shot… I honestly wish I never listened. However, I do thank you for that as well. Without giving me the hormonal therapy I was supposed to have I experienced hot flashes, a huge Vitamin D deficiency, pain, and tears. Me dealing with that allowed me to demand that surgery. I do not thank you for recommending a fertility doctor to do it.

Dear Surgeon,
You hyped me up and made me feel like you knew exactly what you were doing. You made me think you were doing excision surgery even though you did an ablation. You made me feel like you got that extra schooling that I learned you did not. You are amazing as a fertility doctor though. If I ever needed that I would run to you but for endo HA never again. Thank you for being honest and telling me that it can grow back within six months to a year. Oh and by the way when you burn off the lesions instead of cutting it out it will come back worse.

Dear PCP,
Boy oh boy oh boy from being ready to walk straight out of your office wanting to go off. I cannot discredit you as a doctor but the way you treated me was not okay. You talked to me like I was crazy and was not actually dealing with pain. I was not taken seriously at all. I do not appreciate the way you made me feel and I never will. I’m sure you figured out I will not be back in your office for anything. I refuse to keep wasting money on seeing you to be mistreated by you.


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