My Laparoscopy​ Experience

After being on the Lupron Depot shot for 3 months and having the worst pain I could ever imagine. After experiencing that I called my previous gynecologist and told her I was not happy with the end result and that I want the diagnostic laparoscopy surgery. I gave her an ultimatum and said if she doesn’t give me the surgery I will go elsewhere to find it. Normally when you called her office a nurse would call you back… not this time. She called me herself and asked me to come in and talk.

I went in to speak with her. She asked me if I was sure I wanted the surgery. I dang sure was! That is the only possible way we would find out if I had endo or not. My ultrasounds were always clear and my blood work was always normal. You would think it would show up in an ultrasound but unless it’s a severe case it more than likely will not. We finished our talk and I had an appointment scheduled with a doctor to do my surgery but that did not go as planned….

Two days before my appointment even the day before I called the office of the doctor I had the consultation with. I had a few questions about what I needed to do. Wanna hear something crazy? THEY CANCELLED MY APPOINTMENT 🙄. Yea you read that right. Even though they had communicated with me more than once they canceled my appointment saying I did not confirm it. Another fun fact I did not find out until the morning of. I was fortunate enough to be able to see another doctor in her place.

I meet with the doctor who agreed to see me instead. He talked to me and explained that it will grow back if I even have it. With my medical records that were sent over, he thought I was about stage 4. He noticed that I had been on the shot and asked about my experience with that. Long story short he ordered extensive lab work and my surgery was scheduled for the following Tuesday with him.

Surgery day comes. I cried before I went back to the OR. I had been under before but I had never been cut open. I was scared that I could wake up to being told all of my organs were stuck together and had to be removed. I had the support of my family there so it made it a little easier. I woke up and was told my surgery was all about 45 minutes basically. My case was not as bad as expected. It was however confirmed I, in fact, have Endometriosis. After surgery, I was given 10 different pain medications and I left still in pain…


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