The Honest Truth Part 2…

Everyone should be allowed to express their feelings…
Everyone should be allowed to speak their truth…
Everyone should be allowed to tell their stories…

Being young and 21 with an illness that isn’t visible to the naked eye is difficult at times. Back in middle and high school, you would always catch me at home unless I was doing something for school. I was always called lame or boring for this. It wasn’t that I was being that way it was just I was pushing myself so much in school I needed to chill at home. I’m honestly still that way. It’s just then I did not know I have endo.

Rest and relaxation are highly important for someone like me. Stress is a no go 🙅🏽. That is one of the easiest ways for me to have a flare-up. I honestly feel like I should be able to express that without being judged or someone saying it isn’t true. I have seen way too many stories of women being told they are over dramatic or they are complaining too much.

I touched on this a little bit on my last blog but I really do feel this way. If someone is speaking their truth why are they being judged on it? If someone is being real and opening up why shut them down? Why would you tell the person you “love” and in a relationship with you don’t care about their pain and to suck it up? That is not fair to the person who does everything they can to not say anything.

There have been many times I was hurting and I kept my mouth closed and I cried in my room or somewhere else later….


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