A Day with Endo

A day in the life of someone who has Endometriosis can be fairly complicated sometimes. The number of things it takes to make it through a day can be a lot. From making sure you don’t eat the wrong things to not sitting or standing for too long. There is a spoon theory that can help in explaining this.


As you can see above someone with a chronic illness can look at their daily task as something that requires spoons. With the allotted amount of spoons, you get to wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, go to school or work even both, extra activities etc. All you get is 12 spoons a day, in theory, to keep you from being exhausted at the end of the day. It says you can borrow spoons for the next day but you see they do not transfer over.

It takes away from your energy level to simply walk to the restroom on most days in all honesty. Sometimes you stand in the shower just because you don’t feel like getting out. When you are in incredible pain and you need to soak sometimes you have to crawl if not carried to the tub.

This isn’t just when a woman is on her cycle in the majority of cases. This is a daily life struggle that some of us deal with. Doctors tend to call us crazy and that is simply not right. Only 12 spoons a day keeps the ER away…. well, most times.


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