Don’t Let Your Pain Define You ….

Starting at 14 years old I began dealing with intense pain. Even though I was dealing with some terrible times, I still had to manage to do what normal teenage high school girls did. In high school, I was in the Theater Department all four years of school. My title in the department required a lot of work. My freshman-sophomore year I was a junior stage manager. By the time I was in the eleventh grade I was a senior stage manager. That required me to do a great deal of walking, staying at school long hours, socializing, and being accountable for a lot of different things. The theater was an amazing distraction from the pain I was enduring while in the program. I met some of the most amazing people one including my very best friend ❤️ She has been a huge support system through it all.

Also while in high school I was on the Yearbook committee from the tenth through twelfth grade. This required me to go to different sporting events, events at the school and to walk the school. My high school had long hallways and breathtaking stairs. I was tasked with taking pictures at these events. It also required some extra time too. Even though somethings in high school were stressful which is not good for us with chronic illnesses at all, despite all of that I still graduated high school with a 3.o GPA and with a smile on my face. Even though sometimes got hard and I had to miss school I still made that a priority.

August of 2014 I started college. From my first day of freshman year to now my first semester of senior year it has been rough. The stress of college is real. Yes it is fun yes there is a lot of things to do, but the work comes first. Procrastination is simply NOT an option for everything. I am not saying don’t have fun and enjoy the party life but make sure your work gets done as well. Throughout my college career, I have met many different people. When I get the chance, I take the time to educate others.

College is something that can be achieved. Yes, it can be hard yes it can take some extra time, but it is possible to do it all in 4 years. I made great grades in my first two years of school. My spring semester of sophomore year was a challenge for me because of the changes my body was going through. June 2016 I had my laparoscopy surgery. I thought that it would help me to better my chances of being great in school. Unfortunately, that was the case, and I did lose one of my scholarships due to a drop in my GPA. I was upset at first but I pushed forward, and now I am into my senior year. I passed all of my classes last semester, and I am 13 credit hours away from graduating on time in Spring of 2018.

When I first got a name for my chronic illness, I made myself learn as much as I could about it. I later on down the line noticed that was a huge mistake. Being educated is important true but do not let your pain define you. Live your life as much as possible. Do not let it consume you in guilt and sorrow. I am telling my family, friends and loved ones all of the time how I feel like a burden. They always tell me that that isn’t true at all. I often feel as though I am not of value or that I am not really doing anything with my life. My amazing better half always tells me how proud of me he is and how strong I am for pushing through everything I endure. With the love and support of the people who actually believe your pain is real and you are not over exaggerating around you it makes things a great deal better.

As far as those who do not believe you and feel as though you are being untruthful let that be your motivation to keep it pushing and show them yea I’m dealing with things, but I am still a strong warrior. I push through often, but it is still essential that you REST. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AT ALL TIMES! Sometimes you have to stop and take that rest. It has been times that I just could not make it to class. I did not let that stop me though. I am not saying that this is a fix at all in any way. There are still times you can find me in a Facebook group venting and looking for that support from people who understand

Warriors do not let your pain define you. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just listen to your body, rest when needed, and be the best you that you can be 🎗💛


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