Who is Naturally Marshea Now

Before when I sat down and wrote who I was, I was in pain, I was hurt, I wasn't feeling like myself, and I wasn't speaking on the real me. The original Who is Naturally Marshea was written while I was not in the proper place to write it honestly. That is a part of... Continue Reading →


How Natural Hair Helped Me to Gain Confidence

Confidence con·fi·dence /ˈkänfədəns/noun A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. One of the most significant issues with the process of transitioning to natural is how you would be perceived. Noone just sits online and says oh lets see what I look like with much less hair before it... Continue Reading →

Review: doTERRA Essential​ Oils

doTERRA is a pure 100% all natural oil company. I was introduced to them by another endometriosis warrior Megan. After talking to her for a while and wanting to try natural ways of gaining back my life I got the AromaTouch Diffused Kit As a Christmas gift. This was purchased and not gifted by the... Continue Reading →

Daith Migraine Piercing

The daith piercing is an acupuncture point that is thought to be an area of relief for migraines. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical, but my migraines were the absolute worst. I listened to testimonials and talked to people who I knew personally that have it. I had a headache so bad... Continue Reading →

Natural Hair Staple Products

Natural Hair Staples - Products that your hair love  and you will always use or have at home. Hey, Curlies! As some of you may know I have been natural for 3 full years. I transitioned from July 2015 to August 2016. As time moved along, I tried a good number of different natural hair products. Not all of them stuck, but I... Continue Reading →

The Art of Co-Washing

Co-Washing short for “conditioner-only washing.”  Using conditioner or a conditioner-like cream-based product to cleanse the hair, as an alternative to shampoo. If your hair is anything like mine shampoo dries your hair out. No matter how you moisturize it. I had a fantastic wash and go which is hard for me to achieve due to shrinkage.... Continue Reading →

Natural Hair Tips

Heyyyyy Curlies! Disclaimer before I even start: I am NOT a natural hair expert at all. I am just sharing the tips that have helped me on my journey. I have been recently getting questions on how I am getting my hair to grow so fast. I honestly don't know how to properly answer that... Continue Reading →

One Month Post Op

Imagine waking up every morning shaking like a tree in the summer breeze or having this painful headache that makes you just want to keep your eyes closed. Even having this pain that radiates from your lower back down your hip into the bottom of your feet. Sounds interesting enough right? Well, that is my... Continue Reading →

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